Providing Digital Extensions to Global Businesses and Associations

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When I first met Tony Lorenz several years ago, we got to talking about events. I’d say we hit it off immediately, since we saw the future in a similar way. Even though my company provides a digital events platform, we both agreed, from that first meeting, that the future is not about eliminating face-to-face events.  The future, in fact, is about augmenting and extending face-to-face with digital.

Why Virtual Classrooms Are Excellent Learning Venues


Every day, travel budgets are cut and organizations are struggling to find ways to connect with each other to share and present information. Every day, workers are being laid off or leaving their organizations, which creates a recurring need to train new people. Every day, educators are trying to find better ways of transferring knowledge so it becomes more effective to their organizations or the workforce.

Why Hybrid Events Give Your Audience What They Want

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“It seems like technology has finally been toppled from its place at the top of the virtual events debate and we are, at last, getting back to the basics of looking at the needs of the client,” begins a blog posting at Pure Rocket Science.

We couldn’t agree more.

The post goes on to reference recent research findings that support the notion that your potential audience is inclined to attend and participate in digital events. The post also touches on the accessibility of digital events and the cost savings they can generate.