How the Future of Corporate Communications Will Be Shaped by Video

how the future of corporate communications will be shaped by video


Whether your organization is sharing messages with customers, stakeholders, investors, employees, or other team members, the most effective method of communication is video. From webcam chats to studio-quality broadcasts, video increases credibility, connection with the audience, and education because engagement with video is easier, quicker, and more appealing.

Do not be fooled. Videos are not just for entertainment anymore! Videos can be successfully used to implement new training programs to thousands of individuals across the world, communicate company directives to swiftly reshape an organization, and quickly address compliance and regulatory changes.

NAB Show Virtual View: Best Practices from a Digital Extension

NAB Show Virtual View Best Practices from A Digital Extension

Disclosure: NAB Show Virtual View was produced by NAB and Freeman and runs on the INXPO VX Platform.


NAB Show Virtual View is the digital extension of NAB Show 2011. You can register and access the digital extension here: From my bird’s eye view of Virtual View today (i.e. logged into the environment as an attendee), I’d like to share a few best practices that I observed.