Perfect Your Post-Event Marketing Report

measuresuccessPart 1: Define Your Target Audience
Part 2: Develop Acquisition Strategy & Tactics
Part 3: Deploy & Measure Acquisition Campaigns
Part 4: Determine Audience Acquisition Success

Now that your online event is over and nurture tracks are off and running, it’s time for the post-event analysis to gauge success measures. Commonly referred to as a “post-mortem” report, that should not be the case after orchestrating a rock-solid analytics campaign. And besides, even if your event experienced some hiccups, calling it a “post-mortem” is a little too goth for this marketer. Moving forward we’ll call it a post-event marketing report (much cheerier right?).

The primary goal of this report is to provide valuable insight into what worked well, really well and not so well. This also provides an opportunity to step back and review successful messaging, tactics and distribution channels. In addition to aggregating metrics and campaign performance, the report will also serve as a tidy reference recap for your next event. Double bonus: this is a great resource for sharing with upper management, to support budget increases in the future. Here are a few key components for including in your report.

  • Event Overview:  brief description of the event including screenshots and select attendee feedback
  • Business Objective & Event Goals: strategic summary and results from the early planning phase
  • Event Recap: # of live attendees, document activity, top visited booth, average # of presentations watched/attendee, unique views, top presentation etc.
  • Event Success Metrics: comparative between targets and actuals plus year-over-year performance
  • Social Media Interactions: campaign snapshot from announcement to post-event engagement
  • Marketing Success Metrics: comparative between targets and actuals plus year-over-year performance for promotional tactics (e.g., email, paid campaigns etc.)
  • Key Learnings: marketing takeaways, campaign observations and other items that will help shape future audience acquisition strategies

Hopefully, this four-part blog series has made navigating the audience acquisition maze more tangible and actionable for promoting your online events.  Want more? Shoot us an email at to hear about our audience acquisition service package.