Post-Event Data Binging Creates a Stronger Dialogue with Your Audience

data_bingeEngagement Data is becoming more and more valuable to marketers that want to better understand their customer’s interests.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a Marketing Manager at one of our top enterprise accounts.  She just ran a digital event on our INXPO Event Cloud® platform and shared her engagement and measurement strategy with me.  I was blown away with her lead scoring model, which resembled the binary code image from the Matrix. Lots of 0, 1, 10’s 100’s, but what was really impressive was the number of activities she was scoring all from a single day event.

I told her digital events are like binging on data, giving you more insights in one moment in time versus using traditional marketing channels which can take months.  Some of the interactions she was scoring went far beyond attendance; viewing a webcast, asking the speaker a question, participating in a chat discussion, downloading whitepapers, sharing a piece of content were just some of the moments she was able to collect and assign a value to.

All of this behavioral data really allows a marketer to be more personal with their approach and knowing individuals’ needs is the best way to present your solution to them.

Your audience no longer wants to be talked at by your company; they want to be a part of a two-way conversation where they feel like they are receiving value.  Syncing her data into her Marketing Automation platform gave her the metrics she needed immediately so she could move fast and begin a dialogue with her audience.

For more information on how to generate more pipeline with Marketing Events and improve your lead quality with Engagement Data check out this integration sheet that talks to how the INXPO Event Cloud Platform plays nicely with Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot and other Marketing Automation platforms.