Post Webcast Tactics to Extend the Value of Your Content

INXPO Re-purposing webcast contentAfter putting in months of hard work into promoting and producing a marketing webcast, resist quickly shifting gears after the live program and moving on to the next thing. If you’ve done your homework and have great content, there’s tons of potential for your webcast program to have a long shelf life and continue to be a true asset in your marketing tool belt. Outlined below are a few ideas to get you started on re-purposing your content to get the most value. 

Follow Up Programming and Messaging
With great engagement tools like chat, polling and surveys you can incorporate questions into your content to understand your audiences’ interests. Using a quick survey at the end of a program to ask what similar topics they might be interested can help you to build out follow up programming and email campaigns following your webcast. Using recommendations from the audience is one of the most accurate ways to make sure your content will resonate with your target.

After your programming ends, be open and honest with communications- how often and when your audience will hear from you – and remember to include the value they will be receiving from it. Creating and communicating at a regular cadence with your webcast audience will keep them engaged and highlight you as a trustworthy and influential source.

Short Focused Content Blurbs
Beyond placing content on-demand for people to view, consider taking clips from your webcast and placing it on social channels like Facebook or YouTube to entice new audiences to check out the whole program. It’s been shown that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a marketing video on Facebook in the last month according to Marketing Dive.

If you don’t have the resources to create mini videos from your webcast pull out statistics or quotes that will resonate to use on social media and drive traffic back to the on-demand program. This will give someone a “taste” of what they will get from watching the whole webcast. For marketers, these pieces of content can also be re-purposed on blogs, guides or whitepapers as call outs to support your messaging.

Audience Flavors and Playbooks
Creating “flavors” of content for audiences to consume can come in handy if you are trying to establish your organization in a new market. Group together related content including webcasts, videos, PDFs and blogs creates a one-stop-shop for potential customers to get all the information they need. For example, if you are trying to sell into a new vertical like software, you would want to cater your produced content to resonate with that audience.

For your own Sales and Marketing teams, you can create something similar, by putting together playbooks for different buyers based on products or solutions. These tools come in handy when Sales wants to establish your organization as a trustworthy thought leader.

Knowing that you can’t reach your entire audience during one webcast, re-purposing and squeezing the value out of your content will help you to reach a wider audience and increase the shelf life of your webcast. Remember that your audience may be spread out across segments, and may prefer to consume different content types. Covering all your bases is a sure-fire way to get the most bang for your content buck. For more ideas on how to re-purpose content and target the right audience, check out some of our other blogs.