Product Launch via a Hybrid Event [VIDEO Case Study]

product launch via a hybrid event


In 2011, Freeman (@FreemanCo) rolled out a new set of virtual solutions to their sales force of 1,000+ people. What better a way to do an internal product launch than via a hybrid event? Freeman gathered an in-person audience at their headquarters location and broadcast the launch via live video streaming via the INXPO digital events platform.

With the digital platform, Freeman was able to reach their entire 1000+ person strong sales force, while providing an “on demand archive” of all sessions, that the Sales Team could view on their schedule, after the launch.

Hybrid Event Tips

David Haas (@cavoom), Director, Technology Solutions at Freeman, provides these three tips for your hybrid event:

  1. With the state of hybrid event technology, it’s not hard. Haas notes that the technology is here, it’s mature and it’s easy to use.
  2. Do your homework and prepare your audience.
  3. Don’t sweat it. If you’ve done your homework and completed the necessary preparation, then you will find success.
Video Case Study

View David’s video below to learn further details on Freeman’s product launch:

Did you know? We have a white paper on hybrid event best practices. Register for the free download here:

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao