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When I first met Tony Lorenz several years ago, we got to talking about events. I’d say we hit it off immediately, since we saw the future in a similar way. Even though my company provides a digital events platform, we both agreed, from that first meeting, that the future is not about eliminating face-to-face events.  The future, in fact, is about augmenting and extending face-to-face with digital.

Today, with the launch of bXb Online, the future got a lot closer. In fact, it’s here. Event and meeting planners have begun to add digital extensions to their face-to-face events. What Tony seeks to deliver with bXb Online is to enable digital extensions (e.g. hybrid events) at a massive scale and create mass adoption.

Tony Says, “It’s Time,” and I Agree

Two words. “It’s time.” That was part of Tony’s quote in the bXb Online press release. I agree, Tony. It’s time. I like to say, “in the near future, every physical event will have a digital component.” That day is coming and we’re thrilled to partner with you as the technology platform behind your vision.

We’re also thrilled to be part of partnership that includes our good friends at Freeman, PCMA and Virtual Edge Institute. Via this partnership, we’ll continue to explore ways that digital and hybrid events can deliver value to audiences, along with the important goal of measuring results, to provide ROI methodologies to the event management industry.


With the travel schedule that I keep, some like to call me a maniac. If I’m a maniac, then I believe there are 10,000 Maniacs out there. And speaking of them, I’d like to share a quote from one of their songs: “These are days you’ll remember. Never before and never since, I promise. Will the whole world be warm as this.”

The whole world is ready. It’s time. Glad you’re on board, Tony. Let’s deliver.

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