Proving the Worth of a Hybrid Event

Marketers love events. The face-to-face interaction with prospects and partners, the energy created over their content, and the endless networking possibilities are all reasons why events are a high playing card in any marketer’s hand.

Many leadership teams may have an attitude of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” when it comes to events, however, if events are a valuable ace, then hybrid events give you a royal flush. The benefits of taking your already successful physical event and adding a virtual extension are endless. Below we’ve gathered for you the necessary “cards” to play when convincing your team that hybrid events are the way of the future.

Virtual events grow the physical event attendance as much as 30% the following year.
Worried about cannibalizing the physical event you put so much time and effort into? Have no fear. Virtual extensions have the opposite effect. By reaching attendees who weren’t able to make it physically or didn’t see the value in attending, the virtual event gives the opportunity to show off the great content you are providing and generate excitement over attending physically the following year.

Be a part of the growing video and streaming industry.
Between Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Roku and Apple TV, it’s hard to miss the exponential popularity of the streaming industry. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, by 2019, 90% all internet traffic will be in the form of video. Your event should stay ahead of this business curve and choose to stream portions, or all of your content, for heightened awareness and ease of accessibility for users.

Drive real ROI and achieve business goals beyond the live period.
The main difference between a physical and virtual event is that once the live days are over, the virtual event can still live on. Taking advantage of the on-demand period to extend the life of your event is huge for boosting ROI by getting more out of your content, continuing lead generation and extending monetization opportunities.

Efficient and cost saving use of resources.
Physical events already require a lot of money, time and resources, so rest assured that virtual events will not be adding to the weight. Adding a hybrid extension results in lower cost per attendee and saves a portion of your audience travel costs, which could have been a reason that limited their physical attendance.

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