Q&A on Growing Your Business with Social Media

inxpo tv program on growing business with social media

Pictured: Members of the BNP Media social media team, live on INXPO TV!


We had the pleasure of hosting members of the BNP Media social media team on INXPO TV’s Thought Leadership channel. They had audience members on the edge of their seats as they shared insights on “Growing Your Business with Social Media.”

Registration on INXPO TV is open to all – so feel free to register, navigate to the Thought Leadership channel and view this program on demand. Also, feel free to take a look at the social media sponsorship programs provided by BNP Media.   

Q&A on Social Media

Because of the captivating topic, we were flooded with far more questions than we had time to answer. We provided the additional questions to the BNP Media social media team and they were gracious enough to provide the answers.

Here they are:

Social Media ROI

Q: Which media offers the best ROI for my marketing dollars: social media, advertising, face-to-face events?

A: This is hard to say without knowing the objectives of your organization. Social Media ROI is measured very differently than our traditional marketing channels. It often depends on the social channel and what your goal is there. Some experts even say it simply cannot be measured. When we do see social ROI measured, it’s often in a qualitative over quantitative way. Less about dollars, more about engagement, customer retention and brand awareness.


Q: In a recent BtoB Conference in Chicago, it was stated 83% blog post do not receive a reply. So I ask, why should corporations bother?

A: We’re a huge proponent of listening and conversing with your audience. We have found for us, there’s a direct correlation with audience engagement and growth. When we look at our own ROI, audience growth and engagement are key elements.

Social Media Frequency

Q: How often should you send out content on social media before it gets overwhelming for your audience?

A: This depends on the channel. Twitter is constantly moving and you really can’t tweet too much. Facebook, LinkedIn or any other discussion based platforms we’ve found 3-5 posts a week is ideal. Of course, always trying to introduce multimedia and stimulate engagement to optimize your Facebook EdgeRank position.

Getting Started with Social Media

Q: If my organization has NO social media presence, what’s the one social network I should start with?

A: I think Facebook is a great place to start. It provides the analytics you will want as a marketer and most of us are already familiar with the platform from personal use.

Social Media Analytics

Q: Do you have recommendations on social media analytics systems (e.g. dashboards)?

A: We absolutely recommend investing in a social media management tool if you’re moving out of the beginning phases of your social strategy. At BNP Media, we use Engage121 and it fits the needs of our company, but there are tons of options out there to suit any need and any budget.

Related Information

If you have questions you’d like answered on the topic of social email, feel free to email me. If I don’t know the answer, I may just pass it along to the team at BNP Media. Finally, did you know that our platform provides Social Widgets that conveniently integrate with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? You can find further information at the bottom of this page.


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao