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5 Best-Practices of Successful Hybrid Events

Technology now enables learners to do things they never dreamed possible — like take a course online, at home, on the beach, or anywhere at all. But there‚Äôs no substitute for learners being able to interact with their peers and an experienced, expert instructor. Hybrid virtual training, in which in-class and online learners join the same class, combines the best of both worlds. The key advantage is live access to an expert instructor.

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Using Wikis for Learning and Collaboration

Similar to Web 2.0, which makes use of newer web technologies for sharing information, eLearning 2.0 uses new technologies to distribute information, share knowledge and collaborate. Everyone knows about Wikipedia, a grand example of a wiki, but what about using smaller wikis in your workplace?

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A Look at Learning in China

Workplace and societal learning are evolving in Asia. China is focused on both internal and external markets for learning investments, writes CLO columnist Elliott Masie. Hello from Shanghai, where I am on a one-month, five-country learning tour seeking to explore how workplace and societal learning are evolving in Asia.

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White Paper: Virtual Learning Platform for Innovation

Virtual Event platforms are enabling learners to participate in their own learning journey, and empower the learner to choose the content they consume based upon applicability to their job role, desire or need, whilst facilitating the opportunity to collaborate and co-create learning objectives of other learners, participating in the same place.

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao