Seamlessly Connect to Digital Events from Your Jive Communities

seamlessly connect to digital events from your jive communities


Imagine this scenario. You’re a Jive customer. You manage an internal Jive community for communication and collaboration. Your CEO decides she wants to schedule an important announcement to the entire organization. You work with us to configure and create a digital event (on the INXPO VX Platform). Your CEO announcement now appears in the dashboard of the INXPO Jive App.

I notice that a number of people I’m following (in the Jive community) plan to attend this upcoming event, so I decide to attend as well. On the day of the CEO announcement, I click “Attend” from my Jive community and the live session is seamlessly delivered to me, right within Jive. I’m able to rate and comment on the session (within Jive) and I’m also able to submit live comments and questions, that are seen and answered by my CEO.

How neat is that?

A Second Scenario

Let’s consider a second scenario. My company is producing a virtual product launch on the INXPO VX Platform. We’ve promoted the product launch via the traditional channels – and we’ve also been “talking it up” in our external Jive customer community. We’ve invited members of our Jive community to download the INXPO Jive App.

150 community members registered for the event. Each of those members has (on average) 100 followers in the community. That means that 150,000 (minus some duplicates) have been “exposed” to our live event. By the date of the event, the 150 registered is expected to move to 500-1,000.

When our virtual product launch goes live, community members are able to click “Attend” from the INXPO Jive App and experience all features of the virtual product launch, right there in our Jive community.

How neat is that?

The Details: INXPO Jive App

We announced the INXPO Jive App at JiveWorld11 in Las Vegas this month. We’ve also spoken to a number of joint INXPO/Jive customers, who are eager to enable the app within their internal or external Jive communities. Robin Bordoli, VP of the Jive Apps Market noted, “With a growing interest in digital and hybrid events, Jive customers can now be taken seamlessly into their organization’s digital events from the Jive platform.”

How neat is that?


We’re very excited about our Jive app. Customers have told us it’s a win/win, as it enables them to take digital events they’re doing on our platform and seamlessly connect them into their Jive communities.

We believe we’ve brought together two business critical components. INXPO + Jive. 1 + 1 = 4.

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao