Small and Medium-sized Businesses Should Consider Mobile Marketing

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Today’s post is by Heidi Thorne, a promotional products marketing expert, speaker and author of four books. Heidi will be joining us in a Live INXPO TV webcast on the topic of mobile marketing on September 25, 2012. 


Seems like everyone has some sort of mobile marketing program going, except for small businesses. The big brands have embraced mobile in a big way: mobile websites, social media, text marketing, in-app advertising and more. If these tools are available, why is small business having such a hard time with it?

The Reason: Understanding

One could easily point to the possible reason of expense and that would be absolutely correct. National or international mobile campaign rollouts can be costly. The coordination of the program from a technology and programming standpoint is often a big expense in time and dollars. But that’s not why.

Probably the main reason why smaller businesses aren’t jumping on the mobile bandwagon in droves is that they don’t understand what exactly it is. The confusion with it is totally understandable. Ask 10 people on the street to define it and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. But most people know it has something to do with cell phones or tablets. At least you’ll get agreement on that.

Why SMB’s Should Hop On Board

Mobile marketing can take many forms, depending on the purpose at hand. Though challenging, working through the jungle of options will be critical for the future of businesses, including smaller organizations. Here’s why:

The majority of the world’s population has cell phones.

According to a recent mobiThinking report, around 87% of the world’s population has a cell phone, outpacing landlines by 5:1. In the USA, 105.8% of the population has a cell phone. Yes, you read that right. That means that many people have more than one cell phone.

Cell phone sales are outpacing computers by a large margin.

While computers still are selling, cell phone purchases are outpacing them to a degree you have to see to believe. As of this writing, according to WorldOMeters real-time world statistics, 245 million computers were sold this YEAR, whereas 3.5 million cell phones were sold TODAY. Do the math.

While everyone may not be on social media, they are on their cell phones.

Social media use pales in comparison to the market saturation figures noted above. Even social media powerhouse Facebook’s user base worldwide (not necessarily active users) cannot compete with the level of cell phone purchase and use.

No pun intended, mobile is where people are going. You and your business, regardless of size, need to be there.

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao