Storytelling as a Dynamic Learning Tool

Once upon a time, an online learning session presented a lengthy series of PowerPoint slides. The monotony and lack of interactivity lulled the audience almost to sleep, and little of the content was retained. Unfortunately, many instructional programs follow this static approach, which usually does not have a happy ending – for the instructor or the learners. In this brief video blog, Emma King, VP of event and learning strategy at INXPO, offers a better, more engaging way to connect with learners: storytelling. Conveying the theory in the form of a story is a dynamic way to reach and engage learners, King says. We’re accustomed to hearing stories and anticipating how they will turn out; that is almost a built-in interaction with the content. The nature of storytelling enables greater engagement than pushing a deck of slides and expecting viewers to absorb all that’s contained in them, she says. A story will hold their interest and make for a more effective learning experience.

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