The Benefit of Digital Platforms for HR and Learning Professionals


I recently attended Taleo World 2011 in San Francisco. At Taleo World, I had the opportunity to chat with Human Resources (HR) and Learning professionals about how they can leverage digital platforms for social learning and talent acquisition. The more I spoke to attendees, the more I came to realize that digital platforms can be so much more than a “point solution.” Instead, they can enable a continuum of services that cover an entire life cycle for an organization’s employees or members.

Let’s Consider the Life Cycle

Digital platforms can serve a role in each “phase” of the employee life cycle:

  1. Talent recruitment (digital job fairs).
  2. Onboarding (digital onboarding programs).
  3. Learning and continuing education (virtual learning centers).
  4. Development, motivation and executive communications (internal communications centers).

I’ve seen client use cases for each of these phases, but until Taleo World, I hadn’t considered that HR and Learning professionals have the opportunity to build the entire continuum, all on top of a single digital platform

In simpler terms, we can now leverage a single digital platform to:

  1. Get them “in.”
  2. Bring them up to speed.
  3. Provide them ongoing education.
  4. Motivate, develop and retain them.
Next Up: HR LIVE!™

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao