The Future of In-House Video – Leave the Hardware Behind

In 2005, the TriCaster was the latest and hottest video production item on the market. The appliance merges live video switching, lower thirds graphics, special effects, audio mixing, recording and more. The list of features is long and impressive for a portal device, but so was texting through a mobile phone in 2005.

The TriCaster is no longer the only technology with that list of video production features on its resume. INXPO STUDIO leaves the physical hardware behind, and achieves all the same effects and mixing effortlessly through its cloud based technology.

Here are a few of the benefits for choosing INXPO STUDIO for in-house video production over outsourced:

Accessibility: Putting the power to produce large scale and broadcast quality video webcasts and events all through a browser can make everyone a video producer – no fancy appliance required. STUDIO’s intuitive interface, and platform builder guides you through the right production choices and options.

Creative Freedom: Handing over your project to an outsourced video team inevitably means letting go of the reigns. Save your time on giving the right direction and edits to get the end result you are looking for, by taking total creative control of your project.

Seamless Source Mixing: Bring in different sources from around the globe all through a single click within the presenter tool. Multiple speakers can even share the screen for panel discussions without the hassle of setting up separate encoders.

Cost Effective: Video has become increasingly popular over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean your budget must increase with it. Skip purchasing the fancy equipment or hiring an outsourced team, when STUDIO can be a one stop shop for your entire presentation or event.

To learn more about the TriCasters replacement, INXPO STUDIO, read the feature sheet or get started by emailing us directly at