The Monetization Series: How to Make a Killing on your Online Events

monetization of online eventsOnline events offer a wealth of benefits for the host: You can expand beyond the confines of a physical event, connect with a global audience and reach a vast number of people.

But did you realize that these same benefits are also extremely valuable to those who are involved with your organization? Partners, customers and stakeholders are seriously interested in connecting with your event attendees!

Lucky for you, when it comes to monetizing a virtual space, the options are limitless. In this 3-part series, we’re sharing our list of money-making opportunities that will allow you, the host, to maximize your event revenue and offer value to your sponsors. First up, we present entry-level options.

Entry-Level Opportunities

  • Announcements: Announcements are typically used for in-event presentation reminders and are scheduled to send at a certain time. But there’s no reason that the use of these should be limited to this purpose. You can certainly use these as pop-up ads within the event, and link out to resources on the sponsor’s website.
  • Marquee Messages: Marquee messages are scrolling text that appears within the environment. You can schedule a series of marquee messages that rotate throughout the event, or schedule them to appear at specific times. As the event host, you can utilize them to list and promote sponsors by linking to external websites, or by linking to other spaces within the event.
  • Banner Ads: Much like banner ads on a website, there are a ton of spaces within an event where banner ads run. Sell them as a package of 2, 3 or more, or sell them individually. The choice is yours!
  • Email Communications: Sending communications about your event? Include sponsor logos in the email footers or link out to relevant sponsor resources!
  • Registration Pages: The website or registration page for your event includes important information about speakers, event details and schedules. This is also a great place for sponsors to get exposure from the audience. You can leverage your event site and/or registration page to list and promote your sponsors.
  • In-Event Emails: In-show emails can be used to push out a sponsor’s message to event attendees. It allows for direct contact between the sponsor and attendee, and provides the sponsor with an opportunity to create a one-on-one dialogue.
  • Briefcase Documents: Much like the pre-packed tote bag that includes literature at a physical conference, you can preload information into attendee’s virtual briefcases. Gather info sheets, brochures ant case studies from Sponsors and include them for attendees. It’s an easy way for sponsors share content about products and services, and they likely have the content ready to go.

Join us next month for more in the Monetization Series when we cover Mid-Level Opportunities to Entice your Sponsors. To talk to us more about monetizing or hosting your next online event, contact us directly by emailing