The Monetization Series: Part 2

monetization of online eventsWelcome to our second post of our Monetization series!

In this 3-part series, we’re sharing our list of money-making opportunities that will allow you, the host, to maximize your event revenue and offer value to your sponsors. If you’re looking for entry-level options, check out Part 1 here. Now, let’s move up the ladder and discuss mid-level opportunities that will entice your sponsors, and fatten your wallet.

Mid-Level Opportunities

  • Exhibitor Booths: As in an in-person event, booths live inside the virtual exhibit hall and act as a dedicated space for your sponsors. With your permission, they can add as much content as they would like to their space, advertise products, hold contests, chat with visitors and more. You can also set limits to create a tiered booth system at different price points. If companies want to get in front of your attendees and connect with them on a one-to-one level, this is opportunity is the way to do it!
  • Room Sponsorships: Some sponsors may not want to build and staff an entire booth, so a room sponsorship is another great way to give them exposure at your event. They can sponsor a resource center, a networking lounge, a topic-based forum, a meeting room – even the Help Desk! With this sponsorship, they can include clickable advertising, brand the background with their logo, and, where applicable, chat with attendees who enter the space.
  • Games: Games are another great way to connect sponsors with your event attendees. Like Exhibitor Booths, these sponsorships can be tiered. You can sell an individual game a la Wheel of Fortune, where sponsors incorporate their branding and messaging into a puzzle. On a higher tier, an exclusively sponsored game – trivia, for example – can enable the sponsor to determine the content for the game itself.
  • Badging: Event attendees LOVE badging, especially if there are prizes involved. In fact, outside of presentations, this is often one of the top spaces visited at an event. The Leaderboard is where attendees go to view their progress and rules around the badges they’re earning, as well as the list of prizes available. Sponsors can back prize purchases, include their own prize associated with a certain badge, or support the Leaderboard as a whole.
  • Presentation Sponsorships: Sessions within your event can be monetized too, and there are many options around this opportunity! You can sell a single session sponsorship, allowing the sponsor to brand the console. Companies can also support groups of presentations or tracks with similar content. Another option is to sell a presentation with content, allowing the sponsor to take center stage and provide a presentation on a topic they choose.
  • Videos: Videos can be incorporated into many areas of the environment. Allow sponsors to include short content-related video messages in chat rooms, play a video before a session, or include video ads in the lobby. The more exposure, the higher the price!

Join us later this month for more in the Monetization Series when we cover Top Tier Opportunities to Bring in the Big Bucks. To talk to us more about monetizing or hosting your next online event, contact us directly by emailing