The Monetization Series: Part 3

monetization of online eventsIn Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we’ve given you a look at our list of money-making opportunities that will allow you, the host, to maximize your event revenue and offer value to your sponsors at every price-point. In this post, we’re going to get down to BIG business and share our tips to creating large-scale sponsorship packages that bring in the big bucks. 

Create a Variety of Options
This is VERY important – be sure to create at least 3 different event packages at different prices. While a sponsor may be interested in more than one opportunity, they may not be able to spend $50K either. Create scalable levels that appeal to different price-points and show the value in your description. As you move down the tiers, scale down features, document uploads, staffers, ad placements, video uploads, video chatting, and marketing efforts as the packages get smaller.

Name Them Accordingly

Naming your sponsor opportunities helps explain the tiers available. Gold, Silver, Bronze; Platinum, Gold, Silver; Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire – the choice is yours. Also limit the number of sponsorships to drive interest. Here are some naming and pricing options for reference:

  • One $50,000 titanium sponsor
  • Two $25,000 platinum sponsors
  • Three $15,000 gold sponsors
  • Unlimited $5,000 silver sponsors
  • Unlimited $2,500 bronze sponsors


Once you decide what you want to offer, you need to communicate it to your prospects. Whether it’s in the form of an email or a full prospectus, make sure you clearly communicate what each package includes. The following is an example of what’s included in the $50,000 titanium package listed above:

  • The opportunity to present a 45-minute session at the conference
  • Virtual conference banners in 3 spaces
  • Dedicated virtual booth loaded with sponsor-provided content (videos, documents, links)
  • Gamification/Badging sponsorship
  • Logo on event website and event communications
  • Reporting around presentation, banner clicks and attendee booth visits during live event and on demand period
  • 2 announcements during live event
  • 2 marquee messages during live event
  • 3 documents pre-loaded into virtual attendee briefcase

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