The New “Virtual” Sales Kickoff Meeting

Virtual sales kickoff meetingsI have written before about the power of video in business communications and how marketing approaches help make enterprise video more effective. A logical extension of these is to consider video as a tool for making sales kickoff meetings even better.

The sales kickoff meeting is intended to amp up the enthusiasm and motivation in an enterprise’s sales team, while also providing timely training and updates. Typically at kickoffs, the sales organization is informed of new products or services, company goals and targets, maybe a new brand campaign. There is a lot of information to absorb and then communicate to customers and prospects.

How can enterprises get their entire sales team together and understand the playbook so that company goals are reached? An in-person kickoff is one way, but for large enterprises with distributed groups of sales executives, that can be difficult. Video is a great tool to communicate with sales teams no matter where they are, and they can access the content on demand after the kickoff.

INXPO client McGraw Hill Education recently learned how powerful such an approach is. McGraw Hill recently hosted JAMCast, a three-day virtual sales kickoff meeting. This meeting aimed to inform the sales team of goals, targets and best practices for product sales, to unite the team around a common message. JAMCast also provided an opportunity for the sales team to hear from senior leaders and product teams.

JAMCast produced great results. Doug Hughes, Chief Sales Officer at McGraw-Hill Education, told INXPO that “The most exciting part was seeing all this come together. There were a lot of questions from a lot of us about how this was going to go. Right when we started, we just saw the professional quality that we were producing together … That was really exciting and energizing for all of us… this is definitely going to be part of our mix, and it will allow us to do things more frequently. It exceeded people’s expectations.”

Enterprise investment in streaming video is skyrocketing. According to a MicroMarket Monitor report, “the North America enterprise video market was valued at $4.44 billion in 2014 and is estimated to reach $12.01 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 22.0%.”

As a marketer, when I think about why McGraw Hill Education and other enterprises are finding video to be so effective in their sales kickoffs, it comes down to the characteristics that make video itself so compelling. Video is shareable and engaging, and studies show it increases conversions. Sales is all about converting prospects into customers, and getting customers to want to buy more. Any brand that can engage people and get them talking and sharing stories about the brand is going to grow. Video is a terrific way to do that.