The Next Era of Digital marketing

Julia SheridanStarting a new semester and a new internship is truly enriching when you are able to tie them into each other within the first couple weeks. My name is Julia Sheridan and I am the newest marketing intern at INXPO where I have been able to see first-hand how digital marketing is evolving in and outside the classroom.

In class at Loyola University of Chicago, we are constantly looking at what moves companies ahead in the marketplace and how they are using digital media to get a competitive advantage. What has really helped to make my schooling a reality is to be able to go into INXPO the next day and see the same marketing principles being put into action. On September 2nd INXPO joined Marketo for Marketing Nation Online, a completely virtual conference where attendees were able to learn about the latest industry developments and see where the next era of marketing will take us all. I was able to roam through the virtual event from my desk and listen to speakers talk about the newest developments for their companies including webcasting, digital advertising, and more. Pandora had a lecture on the latest changes in the music streaming industry, Salesforce talked about their achievements in connecting companies and business professionals, each company involved had lectures that displayed the future of marketing and how others can achieve similar results.

Currently, in my marketing classes we are learning about how the average person in the US sees over 5,000 advertisements per day many of which they receive during their normal daily online activities. How does a company stand out among all the content and grab their attention? INXPO helps organizations break through the noise by creating online and virtual events where the attendees can participate in webcasts, chats from thought leaders anywhere in the world. This allows audiences the freedom to get the information they want and need out of the experience and remain engaged without having to leave their home or office.

During Marketo’s Marketing Nation Online, I attended a session that took a look at the myths that surround online events. The “5 Virtual Event Myths Debunked,” from Emma Meyer, Executive Producer at INXPO and customer Mary Beth Micucci, Director of Digital Events at HIMSS Media displayed how virtual events can add value to the organizer and attendees. Topics they covered included virtual events as additional channels for revenue, ways to create engaging content for virtual audiences, and laying the proper frame work for successful hybrid events during and long after the live programs. I enjoyed participating in the Marketo Conference for the great content but also enjoyed taking part in my first virtual conference, I can even log in weeks after to view programs i missed or grab more handouts.

After this experience it’s extremely clear that companies need to move quicker when adopting new digital marketing strategies to stand out from the constant stream of information their competitors are producing. Digital marketing is one channel in particular that allows companies the creativity and freedom to make awesome marketing campaigns that extend the reach of traditional marketing tactics. Digital marketing and virtual events are quickly becoming the keys to success in “the next era of marketing”. Seeing the things I am learning in class being implemented in real scenarios and being able to take part in leading digital marketing strategies makes me look forward to the rest of my experience at INXPO.

Written by Julia Sheridan- Loyola University Chicago ’16, INXPO marketing intern