The Perfect Login & Registration Page

Login and registration pages serve a straight forward purpose, which can often cause the details of them to be overlooked when creating your webcast or online event. Before rushing to get an easy check off on your event to-do list, follow these few simple best practices that will take your pages from a basic step to an enticing reason for your audience to tune in. Afterall sometimes the smallest details can make up the biggest impression!

Registration Page Do’s:

Keep It Short and Easy to Understand – Too much information can be overwhelming. Think of your abstract and speaker bios as cliffnotes instead of the full novel. For tips on how to write the best short and sweet webcast abstract, check out this blog post next.

Create a clear call to action – Remember the number one goal! Make the form and CTA button front and center. Trying to add in other assets to download or links to view only distracts people from registering. Save those things for your presentation in the handouts section. Having a form with too many fields in an effort to gather information on your audience can also be a turn-off, shoot for name and contact info only.

Calendar Reminder – Have your form trigger an email with a calendar invite for each person who registers. It’s much harder to forget or not have time for your event when it’s already marked on their calendar.

Redirect to login page – Majority of your promotions and invitations will include the registration link so it’s easy for registrants to lose their login link. If the registration page offers a redirect to the login page for people already registered it’ll be easier for people to find their way into your event and avoid any frustration.

Login Page Do’s:

Pair down from your registration page – Your login page should not be an exact duplication of your registration page. Since you’ve already “sold” the event, even less information is needed. Include a brief event summary so people know they are in the right place but no more additional information is needed.

Provide support – It’s never good if someone is actively trying to enter your event but can’t due to a technical error. Since its normally a simple solution, its best to offer quick support links on your login page so that people don’t just give up on attending.


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