The Super Bowl of Digital Events: Virtual Edge Summit EPIC Event

the super bowl of digital events virtual edge summit epic event


What happens in San Diego … gets captured to streaming format. If you weren’t able to make it to San Diego for Virtual Edge Summit 2012, that’s quite alright – Virtual Edge brings San Diego to you.

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EPIC Details

January’s Virtual Edge Summit has it all. They’ll have deep-dive presentations, 15-minute snippets, 30-minute conversations, interview sessions and technology demos. They even have subject matter experts on hand all day long for live Q&A! Design your own day, and get just what you need!

Sessions run from 10am ET (7am PT) until 5pm ET (2pm PT).

Topics include:

  1. Copyright issues
  2. Getting quality video
  3. Understanding streaming technology
  4. Syndicated content
  5. Streaming to Facebook
  6. Using Ustream
  7. Simple webcasting

We take apart the best industry virtual events to see what made them great.

Technology Demos
Roll up your sleeves and test drive the newest advances in virtual products and services.

Concurrent Sessions
Of course, there’s still a full slate of deep-dive education programs, too! Choose from 33 presentations and panels on all the hot topics!

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  1. The Digital Future of Physical Events
  2. 365 Engagement: Making the Leap from Event to Environment
  3. Social Media Strategies to Drive your Virtual Event
  4. Blended Virtual Solutions to Enhance Training and Learning
  5. Using Virtual to Drive Physical Event Attendance
  6. Driving Attendee Engagement via Gamification
  7. Virtual Product Launches that Rocked the Globe
  8. How to Make Money with Virtual and Hybrid Events

We’re a Diamond Sponsor of Virtual Edge Summit and would love to have you join us on January 26th. We’ll have our own sponsor space, where you can interact with staffers and learn more about the exciting news we announced in San Diego.

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao