The True Value of Customization

customizationIt’s an interesting fact of our world: innovations in technology drive an increase in ability of software and systems, and at the same time the simplification in how those tools are used allows for a wider adoption. As consumers we want the ability to broadcast ourselves to the world, but there had better be only a few settings to figure out on our smartphones or we’ll abandon it and move onto the next big thing.

Simplification can promote wider adoption, but it can also have a side effect: on a broad level it tends to water down and dilute functionality to a more basic, consumer focused point. With webcasting, we see this same confluence of increased ability with greater product simplification. The days of satellite trucks, and dedicated ISDN circuits are largely gone – thankfully! But overall, many tools that exist on the market today utilize similar sets of functionality, and therefore produce similar sets of results.  If you find yourself needing to produce webcasts that are above that basic consumer level, you may find your choices in technology to be relatively few.

The obvious question you may then be asking is therefore this: Isn’t simplification a good thing? When would complexity ever be a good thing?  For us the answer is at the core of our business. Complexity is good when it allows us to professionally design and produce webcasts that we could not have produced otherwise. Complexity is essential, in that it relates to customization.

Webcasting for us is not just hooking up and streaming to a client’s YouTube channel for instance. Webcasting for us is creating fully customized, immersive environments that bring in a whole host of abilities – direct social media integration, live audience interaction, SMS text and live audience polling. Pre-recorded video, meaningful PowerPoint with additional custom html elements. Webcasting for us is data capture, from initial lead generation all the way thru webcast and archive attendance. Our clients want to know who attended, how they attended, where they came from and what elements from within the webcast they participated in. Our clients want to know this because they refine that data to provide qualified leads and actionable sales.  If data is the raw material that powers the engines of sales and lead generation – then we believe the best data is produced and mined from complex, immersive webcast environments.

To accomplish this we in turn vet and rely on technology partners like INXPO to provide us with tools to bring these elements together, in a way that is both cost effective and Enterprise capable. While we know our approach to webcasting may be against the grain of overall simplification, we believe it to be essential to our success. The true value of customization is that we’re not just another webcast provider – we’re a custom webcast production company.  Our collective hat is off to the companies and developers who don’t automatically shy away from complexity, but instead embrace it as a way to push the market forward.

V2 is a leading provider of webinar and webcasting services worldwide.
Written by guest author Aaron Cole, Director, Business Development at V2.