Tips to Calm Your On Camera Jitters

Calm Your Speaking NervesNo need to panic…here are the 5 tips they don’t tell you when it comes to calming your nerves in front of the camera.

1. Have some perspective.

In the whole scheme of life, this is but a small moment in time. Doing an on camera presentation is not your wedding day, witnessing the birth of your child, driving a car for the first time. It’s truly ‘not that big of a deal’.  Put things in perspective, take a breath and go for it. It will be over before you know it.

2. Being nervous isn’t always a bad thing.
Plain and simple, your nervousness shows that you care. This is a good thing! We have a tendency to feel blasé about things we aren’t into or don’t see the value/importance of doing. It is good to put care and effort into being in front of the camera because it will make the overall piece look polished and professional.

3. You are the expert. Did you know that?
The reason you were tasked with the important duty of going in front of the camera is because you have important, valuable information to share with others. In most cases, you know the material better than anyone else so use that fact to boost your confidence!

4. Be your authentic self.
Do you like watching videos where the person is making it quite obvious that they are reading from a script, verbatim, in monotone? If you answered yes, maybe you have a thing for robots, and we can save that for another blog post… Most likely, the answer is a resounding “No”. Let your authentic self shine through, be expressive and energetic, nervous laughter shows that you are “real”. If you bumble a word, don’t make the “Oh crap!” face just keep going. Chances are, your audience won’t notice.

5. Say yes.
My number one advice when people ask me “Emma, how do I get more comfortable on camera?” is: force yourself to do it as often as you can! Volunteer yourself for any and all on camera opportunities within your organization. Fight through the discomfort, and I can promise you, after a few on camera sessions you will have a new sense of comfort and confidence. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way you will ever see marked improvement. Practice, practice and practice some more. I am living proof that this method works. I was a girl who used to panic before having to speak on conference calls for crying out loud! Now I am comfortable, calm and collected in front of the lens. Being on camera has become second nature thanks to saying “yes” to any opportunities that came my way.

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