Top Reasons for a Single Video Platforms

Top Reasons for Consolidation

In most cases, the larger the enterprise the more moving parts and vendors to manage. Frost and Sullivan’s recent web events industry report stated that most enterprises are now looking for a one solutions fits all approach to their vendors. Luckily, when it comes to communication tools for both internal and external audiences there isoption to consolidate.

Here are the top reasons to look for a multi-purpose video platform:

Scalability: One platform that works for both internal and external users means there are unlimited options for scalability. Video communications can be used for a globally dispearsed workforce of any size for internal communications and training, as well as, outside communications for marketing purposes with no limit on the amount of prospects to reach.

Training Simplified: Spend less time on creating training materials, and learning a new platform, and spend more time executing programs. Training documents can be shared across departments and eventually come to place where everyone is comfortable with the technology.

Less Translation Errors: The more platforms you have that are required to work together, the more room there is for error and for things to get lost in communication. When one platform delivers an end-to-end experience there are less logistics to manage and improved results.

Improved security: Consolidating platforms gives fewer endpoint opportunities for a breach in security, which is a huge goal for any IT team. On the off chance that there is a slip in security, dealing with one platform also increases recovery time and the problem can be pin-pointed faster.

Reduced Cost: Last but certainly not least, working with one vendor for a variety of solutions will lower your cost spent and maximize your ROI.

To hear more about the growing and evolving web events industry, download the full Frost & Sullivan report here.