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From Client to XPO: How to Become a Self-Service Pro

INXPO_self_serviceI first started working with INXPO in 2010, when my organization (a trade association) fell on hard times due to a lack of attendance at in-person events. With the recession in full-swing, we needed to do something – and quickly – to turn the downward spiral around. Luckily, a huge increase in attendance at our webinars signaled, “put your conferences online”. The response was outstanding – we had over 11,000 people register for our first event in February 2010, and brought in over $100K in sponsorship revenue.

Mastering Audience Acquisition For Your Online Events: Define Your Target Audience

target_audienceA solid audience acquisition strategy crucially dictates whether your online event will be successful. This three-part blog series will outline the strategic framework for defining, developing and deploying a measurable audience acquisition campaign.

Who is your target audience? If your response contains less characters than a typical Tweet, you need to do a little more homework.