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Leveling the Playing Field – A Case Study in the Power of Webcasting Technology

online_footprintHere’s a problem that you love to have: Like many internet companies, our business footprint and presence is practically 100% online. Like most internet businesses, we are always open for business, and literally anyone in the world has the potential to be a customer. So if you are a service based business producing webinars and webcasts, and you cultivate clients that are not just out of your area code but are on the other side of the world – what do you do?

5 Ways to Use Video in the Recruiting and Onboarding Process

video_onboardingEmployee onboarding is one of the most important aspects of internal communications that a HR department handles. At INXPO, we talk a lot about how video is better, and we believe this can be applied to the recruiting and onboarding process as well.  Video can quickly acclimate new employees with automated programs while minimizing ongoing HR and department effort.  We have outlined for you the 5 ways an HR department can use video in the recruiting and onboarding process.

Webcam Review with Emma

With so many webcams to pick from, how do you pick the right one for you? Our Executive Producer, Emma Meyer sat down to share her three favorite webcam options. From the easiest, most economical and the “Cadillac” of all webcams, Emma reviews and shows you her favorite things about each. To learn about tips and tricks for setting up your webcam, download this free guide.