News Roundup – The Attendee of the Future

news-roundupAs one article in this News Roundup sites, most people would agree with Jerry Seinfeld’s humorous claim that most people at a funeral would rather be the corpse than the person delivering the eulogy. However, it is time to shake the nerves of publically speaking face-to-face, even if it’s through a virtual video. The articles we collected below show how the next generation is expecting to be engaged with and tips on how to be ahead of the virtual marketing trends.

Would Your Online Event Get The Final Rose?

Marketing Lessons From The Bachelorette
Photo credit: ABC’s The Bachelorette

I must admit that the beginning of our team’s weekly marketing calls lately has involved a quick debrief on who’s our current favorite bachelor and what we can’t believe so-and-so did to JoJo. It got me thinking about what lessons The Bachelorette has taught us about marketing, specifically for online events. I’ve outline the six big online event marketing takeaways I have had from the show, so that you don’t have to feel so guilty about watching this guilty pleasure. It’s helping your online event be successful after all!