Would Your Online Event Get The Final Rose?

Marketing Lessons From The Bachelorette
Photo credit: ABC’s The Bachelorette

I must admit that the beginning of our team’s weekly marketing calls lately has involved a quick debrief on who’s our current favorite bachelor and what we can’t believe so-and-so did to JoJo. It got me thinking about what lessons The Bachelorette has taught us about marketing, specifically for online events. I’ve outline the six big online event marketing takeaways I have had from the show, so that you don’t have to feel so guilty about watching this guilty pleasure. It’s helping your online event be successful after all!

An Audience Acquisition Plan Without Strategy Is Just A Wish

audience_acquistion_strategyAudience acquisition continually holds the title of “most frustrating” philosophical marketing conundrums. As event marketers, we know we need to be more strategic but it’s easy to slip into a promotional rut when faced with the realities of tight timelines, limited resources and a million responsibilities. Pair that with the fact the average person receives 90 business emails per day and marketing your event can feel like an uphill battle.