An Audience Acquisition Plan Without Strategy Is Just A Wish

audience_acquistion_strategyAudience acquisition continually holds the title of “most frustrating” philosophical marketing conundrums. As event marketers, we know we need to be more strategic but it’s easy to slip into a promotional rut when faced with the realities of tight timelines, limited resources and a million responsibilities. Pair that with the fact the average person receives 90 business emails per day and marketing your event can feel like an uphill battle.

Key Metrics Every Video Program Should Have

Key Metrics Every Video Should HaveOur 12.9 Product Release included improved marketing automation that helps with  better qualifying your leads and simplifies the data collection process. As for most things, a cleaner and more detailed perspective leads to more insights. When it comes to lead generation specifically, having more insights on leads creates better nurturing and scoring programs and a fuller marketing funnel.