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What is Simulive and Why is it Great?

Hosting a live event or webcast can sound ideal to create the most excitement around your event, but getting all the moving parts together can be difficult. There is a lot to coordinate when you may want to broadcast for several time zones, speakers may have conflicting schedules or your program needs to be reoccurring. This is when simulive can come into play. INXPO’s Video Strategist, Sean Keen, explains what “simulive” is and explores the benefits of hosting a simulive webcast.

The Monetization Series: How to Make a Killing on your Online Events

monetization of online eventsOnline events offer a wealth of benefits for the host: You can expand beyond the confines of a physical event, connect with a global audience and reach a vast number of people.

But did you realize that these same benefits are also extremely valuable to those who are involved with your organization? Partners, customers and stakeholders are seriously interested in connecting with your event attendees!