Why Digital Events? And Why Not.

I just came across a recent video post by Victoria Rennie of Incisive Media from Conference Summit 2015, who talked about how event companies should approach digital.

As an events professional, she has a deep understanding of the role of virtual and hybrid events and her views align with what our clients at INXPO are experiencing.  Victoria posits:

  1. Online events cannot replace face to face engagement
  2. Lead generation is a strategy that makes sense for digital events

Making Visual Story-Telling Possible

a video is worth a million words

I make visual story-telling possible.  by Katherine Pudi Jordan

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so does that make video worth a million? As humans it is easier for us to respond to pictures and videos that provide visual cues and quick messages. Take the success of Facebook & Instagram where photos of your friends and family allow you to stay close and connected. Now look at YouTube one of the most popular sites in the world where the power of video is used to communicate a message to millions of users.