The Enterprise Video Hype Cycle – Where Are You At?


New technology goes through a cycle where everyone thinks it will solve all problems, then frustration sets in when we discover it doesn’t, followed by acceptance of what is really possible with the technology. Gartner refers to it as the hype cycle for emerging technologies and shares examples of new technology they are tracking. The use of video in the enterprise is going through its own hype cycle now. Where do you think we are on the spectrum? What are you finding in your organization?

Communication has Evolved – Remember when CompuServe was “the web”, Nokia was THE “smart” phone?


Every year around this time, venture capital analyst Mary Meeker releases her insights on the State of the Internet. It’s packed with nearly 200 slides of historic data and predictions about how the Internet and technology are changing the world (including the visual I shared).  It is a good read for business professionals to understand that disruption is always right around the corner.  Are you ready to seize new opportunities or rest on your laurels?