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Why I’m Excited about Social Business TV


Recently, we launched a product offering called Social Business TV (“SBTV”), an online platform for continuing communications programs. We already have clients using Social Business TV for internal communications as well as external communications.

For external communications, organizations are finding it challenging to stand out from the crowd. Social Business TV allows organizations to create content and programming in an always-on community that supports real-time engagement, live presentations, and resources.  Within these communities, quality content drives brand awareness, and can be effective at driving demand for the organization’s products and services.

10 Reasons Your Organization Should Have an Online Leadership Channel

10 reasons your organization should have an online leadership channel


It used to be that business moved at the speed of sound. These days, it seems like business moves at the speed of light. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few years from now, businesses figured out how to exceed even that speed.

With this pace of rapid change in mind, it’s more important than ever for executives to keep their organizations on the same page. And that’s where an online leadership channel comes into play. Consider these ten benefits.

Online Presentation Tips from an Online Presentation Coach


It happens quite often: a dynamic speaker is selected to deliver the keynote for your online event. But, the online presentation falls flat. The speaker, while quite dynamic in person, is used to making eye contact with the audience and gauging their body language. The speaker is not used to presenting online, where the audience takes the form of a webcam or video camera.

For insights and tips on online presentations, I sought out Terese Cooke Bottner, Online Presentation Coach with our partner, bXb Online. Here’s our Q&A with Terese. Put me in, coach, I’m ready to play (today).