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What a Commencement Speech Tells Us About Hybrid Events

This blog post is by Lauren Mulherrin of bXb Online (@bXbOnline), an INXPO partner. In March, Lauren wrote a great post about why millenials expect hybrid events.

A few months later, she joined other millenial classmates at her commencement ceremony at Boston University. The commencement address was given by Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google – and of course, it was streamed live online. Schmidt’s speech reinforced many of the points Lauren has been writing about.

Graduation Day

On May 20th, 2012 I was at Nickerson Field in Boston, MA attending the 139th Boston University Commencement ceremony.

Why Customer Service Matters

why customer service matters


Before I joined the vendor community, I was a client of streaming and digital event platforms. From the client side, I found a wide variance in the quality of customer care and customer support. Just because webcasts and related digital events happen online, doesn’t mean that they’re trivial to execute.

Some digital events can have as many moving parts (and dependencies) as a comparable face-to-face event. Be sure to include customer care and customer service in your considerations for digital event service providers. I factored this in to my prior selections and it always worked in my favor.

Let’s consider attributes to look for in your digital event partner.

3 Steps to Monetize Your Digital Events

3 simple steps to monetize your digital events


Welcome to the digital event hot topic. People bat around crazy monetization strategies in the digital event business, but what is the proper technique? Is there a magic formula? Am I alone?

The answer is simple. No, there is no magic formula – and you are not alone. However, success relates directly to a well-thought-out strategy within your organization and with your platform account executive. Your approach begins well before the event kick-off call with your SaaS (Software as a Service) provider or event manager.