IN THE KNOW – Ben Chodor on OTT

Welcome to In The Know! Our new video blog series will keep you up to date about all things video, live streaming, webcasts and online events. Every Thursday we will feature a different expert to cover industry hot topics, best practice guides and current news. Check back each week to watch our short videos and take away a little piece of knowledge with you.

Our first topic is all about OTT – the acronym you nod that you know about, but aren’t totally sure what it means for the future of enterprise video. Watch below to be in the know.

INXPO Fall 2017 Product Launch

INXPO’s Fall 2017 Product Launch is happening October 13 at 1pm CT. This release is all about the audience – how can your content best reach your audience where they are already tuned in, and provide them with an enriched viewing experience. Curious to know more? Watch our video for a preview of what’s to come and attend our live Product Launch broadcast by registering here, or come back to our Facebook, YouTube or Roku channel during the live broadcast to view.

Disrupting the Video Landscape Industry Panel Highlights

A recent Frost & Sullivan report showed that web events are undergoing a significant technology evolution with the adoption of HTML5, WebRTC, social streaming and cloud proliferation. Industry experts and enterprise leaders gathered for a live panel broadcasted on Aug. 10 to discuss the reinvention of broadcast style video, and how it is getting easier to create, distribute and consume.

If you missed the live airing, catch the highlights video here, and to download the full Frost report click here.