Virtual Trade Shows – Top Social Marketing Vehicle for Reaching Business Decision Makers

How many trade shows has your company participated in?  Have you ever hosted a trade show?  If so, you probably are more than aware of the numerous benefits of exhibiting at one.  Trade shows are excellent outreach tools which allow you to connect to new customers, old customers, business partners, associates, industry allies, and even competitors.  They allow you to reach a highly concentrated target market, even if you work in a niche field, discover new audience members, and get face time with customers and clients.  They are an excellent way to generate new sales leads and introduce your products and services to customers.  Trade shows have long been associated with innovation, and by appearing at an exposition, you are telling others in your industry that you are on the cutting-edge.

How RSA’s Online Product Launch Fueled Their Sales Pipeline

rsa security analytics online product launch


Ask Alex Bender about product launches and he’ll tell you that the traditional way of doing things is history. “We’re in a new age, which requires new thinking,” said Bender, Director, SMC Marketing at RSA, a division of EMC.

Bender was responsible for the high-profile launch of RSA Security Analytics, a set of data analytics tools from the security vendor. Under the tagline of “Big Data Transforms Security,” Bender and team sought to achieve ubiquity in RSA’s target market, as well as generate awareness within RSA and EMC. In addition, Bender’s team needed to attract net new sales leads and convert them into opportunities in the sales pipeline.

Comparing Online Meetings to Online Presentations


Online presentations are more effective than ever. Here’s how we characterize online presentation technology today:

  1. Live video presentations are now a vital part of demand generation programs.
  2. Tools for audience interaction are now very engaging.
  3. Metrics data now results in valuable audience profiling data.
  4. Technology is now simpler to use, higher quality and more powerful.

Check out our infographic, in which we compare meetings to presentations.

How to Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline


Looking to accelerate your sales pipeline? Consider these steps:

  1. Begin content marketing using video.
  2. Create an editorial calendar that matches other lead and demand generation activities.
  3. Use rich media for lead generation, lead nurturing and thought leadership.
  4. Make live presentations a key part of your marketing automation program.
  5. Use the customer intelligence generated for lead scoring and sales qualification.
Our Infographic

Check out our infographic below for more information.