Best Practices for Hosting an Online Event

Hosting your first online event, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – many others have experienced the same dilemma.
An online event isn’t nearly as expensive or time intensive as a physical event. However, it can still pose challenges especially if it’s your first time. Here are some tips for preparing and conducting your online event to ensure you achieve the results you desire.

Choose an Appropriate Online Environment.

One aspect of online events often overlooked is the aesthetic appeal and use of the event platform features. Sure, you can conduct an online event as you would a webcast or webinar, but that would grossly underutilize the technology available to satisfy your event objectives.

Ways to Use Video to Deliver Content and Fuel “Social” Engagement

If your website consists of static content like text and videos, you may be wondering how you can integrate video into your outreach efforts.  Video has the greatest impact when it is interactive, which is why webcasting is an ideal platform for sharing multimedia content with potential buyers, business associates and others.  Webcasting can also be used internally for conferencing, training and other purposes. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Virtual Events?

The past few years have been financially difficult times for many businesses, but they have also been a time for technological growth and development.  For both of these reasons, virtual events like online trade shows and conferences are swiftly rising to prominence, replacing or augmenting offline events.  Virtual events are far less costly to organize and are very convenient for participants, regardless of their location.  They do have some drawbacks, but for many businesses, especially small to mid-sized companies, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  What are those pros and cons?

How Webcasting Technology is Being Used in Education

The lecture has long been the standard for transmitting knowledge to classroom learners, but these days a lot of students are participating in distance learning courses.  As a result, teachers are starting to look to webcasting to upgrade their existing distance learning solutions.  In a classroom, a teacher can strive to promote interactivity by allowing students to ask questions, work together on projects, play learning games, and more.  Online, all of these features can be brought into play as well with webcasting. 

Virtual Trade Shows – Top Social Marketing Vehicle for Reaching Business Decision Makers

How many trade shows has your company participated in?  Have you ever hosted a trade show?  If so, you probably are more than aware of the numerous benefits of exhibiting at one.  Trade shows are excellent outreach tools which allow you to connect to new customers, old customers, business partners, associates, industry allies, and even competitors.  They allow you to reach a highly concentrated target market, even if you work in a niche field, discover new audience members, and get face time with customers and clients.  They are an excellent way to generate new sales leads and introduce your products and services to customers.  Trade shows have long been associated with innovation, and by appearing at an exposition, you are telling others in your industry that you are on the cutting-edge.