What Makes Internal Communications Beautiful

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Have you considered an online platform for your internal communications needs? We’ve got a solution. It’s called Social Business TV – a simple to use, cost effective and engaging social broadcasting solution.

We’re so excited about doing internal communications (via an online platform) that we’ve put the words to a song. Which song? “What Makes You Beautiful,” by One Direction (@OneDirection).

How to Extend the Conversation after Events and Conferences

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Last week, I participated in an #engage365 Twitter chat. Donna Sanford (@DonnaEngage365), the Community Manager for engage365.org, engaged me in a debate on “livestream vs. capture?”

I took the stance that livestream is the best way to provide event content, whereas Donna took the other side, arguing that capture (and later replay) is the way to go. Unlike the traditional debate in which the debaters pontificate and the audience listens, Donna and I invited everyone (on Twitter) to participate, especially the #eventprofs community.

Why I’m Excited about Social Business TV


Recently, we launched a product offering called Social Business TV (“SBTV”), an online platform for continuing communications programs. We already have clients using Social Business TV for internal communications as well as external communications.

For external communications, organizations are finding it challenging to stand out from the crowd. Social Business TV allows organizations to create content and programming in an always-on community that supports real-time engagement, live presentations, and resources.  Within these communities, quality content drives brand awareness, and can be effective at driving demand for the organization’s products and services.