5 Things Millennials Expect From Your Internal Communications

lauren mulherrin inxpo thought leaders live webcast


Our latest Thought Leaders LIVE Webcast was titled “What Millennials Expect From Your Internal Communications Program.” Our featured thought leader was Lauren Mulherrin from partner company bXb Online.

Lauren was born in 1990 and six years later, in first grade, began typing on a computer. Our Generation X host, Steve Boyce, confirmed with Lauren that her first grade typing was, in fact, on a computer. Steve’s childhood, as it turns out, was all about the typewriter.

As the timeline above shows, Lauren, like the rest of her generation, quickly adopted digital tools as they became available: instant messaging, texting, MySpace, Facebook and more.

Social Business and The Millennial Generation

social business and the millennial generation


When I was growing up, “social media” meant actually leaving the house to go meet with people. When I was growing up, Facebook didn’t exist because Mark Zuckerberg was not yet born. When I was growing up, the Internet had not been invented. In fact, until my high school days, computers occupied an entire room and were not yet “personal.”

5 Reasons to Add Social Business TV to Your External Jive Community

The author, Scott Kellner, is INXPO’s Chief Marketing Officer.


Previously, my colleague Alexis published a post, “5 Reasons to Add Social Business TV to Your Internal Jive Community.” Guess what? Social Business TV works just as well for your external Jive Community. While members of an internal community consist of an organization’s employees, an external community consists of employees, as well as partners, customers and prospects. As such, activities common in external communities include customer support, product feedback, product questions and product updates (i.e. provided by the administrator of the community).