Online Events: 5 Tips for Staffing Your Digital Sponsor Space

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Having worked as a salesman for the last ten years, I appreciate the importance of events and networking with both your customers and prospects. Companies attend trade shows and conferences to generate sales prospects. Hopefully, the cost of attending will be exceeded by the profits generated from new customers sourced at the event.

The need for companies to attend events has increased. Companies now want to clearly see new business deals as a result of the event they attended. As a result, there has been an increase in online events, which help reduce costs of travel. Online events can be even more successful than physical events for prospect generation, but only if they are managed correctly

What is Social Business TV?

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Social Business TV is a Mindset

“A new mindset, where information exists to be shared.”

With consumer-based social networks leading the way, businesses have followed, adapting their mindset, strategies and communications. In fact, there’s a new language emerging in the world of business. When I meet with clients, partners and prospects, I hear the new language all the time:

With Hybrid Events, Connect the On-Site and Digital Audiences

hybrid events should not forget the virtual audience


The most compelling hybrid virtual events are those that have the best content, of course – but it often takes a bit more than that. For those of us experiencing the hybrid event online (i.e. via a “digital extension”), we not only want to immerse in the content, but we want to interact with the presenters and the people on-site.

I noticed a few posts from the blogosphere that expand upon this point quite well.

What a Commencement Speech Tells Us About Hybrid Events

This blog post is by Lauren Mulherrin of bXb Online (@bXbOnline), an INXPO partner. In March, Lauren wrote a great post about why millenials expect hybrid events.

A few months later, she joined other millenial classmates at her commencement ceremony at Boston University. The commencement address was given by Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google – and of course, it was streamed live online. Schmidt’s speech reinforced many of the points Lauren has been writing about.

Graduation Day

On May 20th, 2012 I was at Nickerson Field in Boston, MA attending the 139th Boston University Commencement ceremony.