3 Steps to Monetize Your Digital Events

3 simple steps to monetize your digital events


Welcome to the digital event hot topic. People bat around crazy monetization strategies in the digital event business, but what is the proper technique? Is there a magic formula? Am I alone?

The answer is simple. No, there is no magic formula – and you are not alone. However, success relates directly to a well-thought-out strategy within your organization and with your platform account executive. Your approach begins well before the event kick-off call with your SaaS (Software as a Service) provider or event manager.

Digital Events? We’ve Got An App For That.

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Recently, we announced our selection as a featured partner in Jive’s next generation platform launch. In my (slightly biased) mind, this was not one a small step forward. Rather, it was a giant leap with regard to digital event platforms.

I’ve been arguing for some time the days of the monolithic digital events platform are numbered. Today, digital events currently reside at a URL beginning with “name.<platform>.com.” Tomorrow, URL’s become less meaningful as we interact with components of a digital event platform (whether we realize it or not).  

4 Common Webcasting Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

The following is a post by Jenn Gibson, Sales Engineer (and Webcasting Guru) at INXPO. This post was adapted from a presentation Jenn gave to clients and partners in our online environment, “vBIZ.” We provide instructional presentations (to clients and partners) every Friday at 12PM ET.


If you’re like most people, being on webcam for a presentation or a meeting is enough to make you want to call in sick. First, there’s the struggle of trying to make the video resemble what you actually look like.

Then, the hassle of remembering you’re on camera and making sure not to do anything ridiculous for everyone to see. It’s a lot to keep in mind, in addition to actually giving a presentation or participating in a meeting.

Use Badges to Help Achieve Your Digital Event Goals

Image via the Cisco Virtual Environments blog.


Recently, Cisco held its annual Partner Summit, along with the concurrently run Virtual Partner Summit. The Virtual Partner Summit is hosted on the INXPO digital events platform. Cisco’s Dannette Veale (@dveale) published an insightful blog posting about how the Partner Summit team utilized gamification (specifically, Badges) to achieve the event engagement they desired. The badging system is a feature that we launched in a recent release.