Hybrid Events for Associations: Answers to Your Questions


Recently, we hosted a Thought Leaders LIVE webcast with Tony Lorenz (@TonyLorenzbXb), Founder of bXb Online (@bXbOnline). We hold regular webcasts, in fact, with industry thought leaders. They’re all free and available in an online environment called INXPOLIVE.

Tony’s webcast focused on hybrid event monetization strategies for associations. Tony received more questions than we had time to cover, but he graciously agreed to answer all open questions here on our blog (thanks, Tony). Here they are.

How Thrivent Financial Launched a Hybrid Event

Pictured: Thrivent Financial’s Steph Pfeilsticker.

Photo credit: a MEETINGSNET article on Thrivent’s hybrid event.


Steph Pfeilsticker, Senior Event Planner with Thrivent Financial in Minneapolis, was recently featured in a MEETINGSNET article on Thrivent’s National Sales Meeting (NSM). Thrivent Financial is a not-for-profit financial services membership organization. Inspired by a presentation from Bruce MacMillan, MPI CEO on the future of meetings, Steph made a point to put MacMillan’s suggestions to work. She provided the planning, justification, execution and delivery of Thrivent’s first-ever hybrid sales meeting, combining their traditional face-to-face meeting with a digital extension.