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Virtual Events Q&A with Amy Hager of SBCA

Amy Hager is the Communications and Online Member Services Manager for the consumer satellite trade association, SBCA. Amy recently produced a highly successful virtual event, SBCA SkyFORUM, which she’s run for two consecutive years. We sat down with Amy to talk about virtual events.

Q: Tell us about SBCA SkyFORUM?

A: SkyFORUM is our online tradeshow that we host every fall. It replaced an in person show that we use to have but couldn’t afford the costs to host and the attendance dropped.

How USMotivation Is Leveraging INXPO VX Certification

us motivation logo

We have a certification program for the INXPO VX Platform. Partners and clients who wish to “self-produce” their event will need to achieve and maintain certification. This is the second in a series of profiles that shares insights from clients and partners on their VX Certification experience.


USMotivation, an INXPO Channel Partner, is a full-service incentive management company focused on incentive strategies and awards; group travel and meetings; creative communications; virtual experiences and business analytics.

5 Ways Companies Can Leverage #SocialMedia

5 ways companies can leverage social media


A few days ago, I casually tweeted to my followers I have yet to receive a ComEd electric bill since I moved into my apartment over 2 months ago. I used no hashtag, no @Mention and yet, within minutes, @ComEd had responded, direct messaged me, and looked up my issue in their system, saving me the hassle of contacting customer service. I sure was impressed, and let everyone know it!

Why I’m Seeing Increased Adoption of Virtual Job Fairs


Before the advent of virtual job fairs, organizations spent thousands of dollars on venue acquisition, venue negotiations, developing print materials, advertising, fair setup and breakdown, travel, resources, and more. While some of these aspects carry over to virtual job fairs, the majority no longer exist, but the workload is still the same.

The bottom line for any job fair remains the same – supply candidates to fill open positions and supply jobs to those seeking employment.

Introducing CEO TV


How does the President of the United States communicate with the country? Well, among other things, he provides regular updates in The State of the Union address. The moment the President’s address concludes, the entire nation has a firm grasp on the state of things, at least from the point of view of The Oval Office.

How do CEOs communicate with their organizations? They’ll often take their show on the road, from North America to South America, from EMEA to Asia Pac. And while I don’t want to argue one way or the other, I think CEO’s should complement their current “shows” with a State of the Union address, broadcast over CEO TV. Let’s take a look at the benefits.