How to Measure Hybrid Event ROI

Pictured: Todd Hanson, Founder and President of Catalyst Performance Group, Inc., and founder of the ROI of Engagement Resource Center.


Hybrid events, which combine a physical event with a digital extension, have been getting a lot of play lately in the meetings and events space. According to Todd Hanson, Founder of the Catalyst Performance Group, measuring the Return On Investment (ROI) of your hybrid event isn’t much different than measuring the ROI of your face-to-face event. After all, we’re “trying to communicate with people,” says Hanson, and digital technologies aid in effective measurement of those people-to-people interactions.

Does Your Webinar Audience Multitask? You Bet.

Pictured: Carmen Taran, Co-Founder of Rexi Media.


When you present to a physical audience, it’s relatively “hard” for your audience to abandon you. Someone sitting in the middle of a row doesn’t want to ask half of that row to stand up – and, draw attention to whole scene. Surfing on your smartphone looks rude, even though lots of attendees do it today (in the form of tweets).

Consider an online audience. It’s a scary thought for presenters: your audience’s attention is only one click away.

Q&A on Intel’s Online Events Journey

Q A on Intel Online Events Journey


Recently, Intel’s Phil Tierney (@virtuallyphil) presented a Thought Leaders LIVE webinar titled “Intel’s Online Events Journey: From Internal to External to Self Service.” The audience reception to the online events presentation was so great that Phil was not able to address all the questions that were submitted.

Phil is not one to leave his adoring fans hanging, however – so as promised, the unanswered questions (and Phil’s answers) can be found here.

How To Market and Incorporate Social Media Into Hybrid Events [VIDEO]


At PCMA Convening Leaders and Virtual Edge Summit 2012 in San Diego, we filmed eight event and meeting experts for their insights on hybrid events. We’ll be unveiling the videos (here on our blog) in “chapter book” format.

In Chapters 1 and 2, we covered the definition of a hybrid event, and addressed the important question of whether hybrid events cannibalize attendance at the face-to-face event.