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NAB Show Virtual View: Best Practices from a Digital Extension

NAB Show Virtual View Best Practices from A Digital Extension

Disclosure: NAB Show Virtual View was produced by NAB and Freeman and runs on the INXPO VX Platform.


NAB Show Virtual View is the digital extension of NAB Show 2011. You can register and access the digital extension here: From my bird’s eye view of Virtual View today (i.e. logged into the environment as an attendee), I’d like to share a few best practices that I observed.

A Digital Extension for NAB Show 2011

A Digital Extension for NAB Show 2011

Register for NAB Show Virtual View here:


NAB Show 2011 took place in April 2011 in Las Vegas. I attended the show and flew home shortly thereafter. But the show is not over! On May 12, 2011, NAB Show’s digital extension goes live. As the virtual show’s web site says, you can “see product demonstrations you may have missed or continue the conversation from the April show – from the convenience of your home or office.” As I look forward to the digital extension, I thought I’d take a brief look back and share my takeaways from  NAB Show 2011.

Top 5 Reasons to Incorporate Blogs Into Your Virtual Events

Top 5 Reasons to Incorporate Blogs into Your Virtual Events


Right this very moment, you’re reading this blog posting on the INXPO web site (and thank you for that!). Presumably, you arrived here because you found the topic or title interesting. In a virtual event, blogs can create a similar benefit. They can serve as a destination for interesting content related to the event’s theme. Here are 5 reasons to incorporate blogs into your virtual events.