Use Badges to Help Achieve Your Digital Event Goals

Image via the Cisco Virtual Environments blog.


Recently, Cisco held its annual Partner Summit, along with the concurrently run Virtual Partner Summit. The Virtual Partner Summit is hosted on the INXPO digital events platform. Cisco’s Dannette Veale (@dveale) published an insightful blog posting about how the Partner Summit team utilized gamification (specifically, Badges) to achieve the event engagement they desired. The badging system is a feature that we launched in a recent release.

Tiered Badges

Interestingly, Dannette didn’t simply create a set of badges and say “here, have at it.” She designed a simple (yet effective) tiering system:

“Unlocking badges accumulated points for the attendees with the higher tier badges earning more points. Once an attendee had accumulated 250 points they were eligible for an iPad prize drawing. To start attendees off we awarded the “Welcome to VPS” badge which awarded 50 points upon first login. We then aligned badges to our goals so there were badges for watching different types of sessions for at least 15 minutes, submitting evaluations, and asking questions.”

Dannette’s tiering system plays into the status mechanic, whereby users are “motivated by trying to reach a higher level or status,” to gain more recognition, privilege or benefit (as documented by

“I was pleasantly surprised by the number of comments about going after the maximum points available as a matter of pride.” — Dannette Veale


Gamification works! Results that Dannette published:

  1. Average duration for a 30 minute executive chat was approximately 20 mins
  2. Average duration for a 2 hour general session was approximately 90 mins
  3. 600+ questions asked during the 3 day event
  4. 30% average evaluation submission rate (this is up considerably from 2011)
  5. Higher attendance rates for our non-general session content
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Interested in gamification of digital events – or want more info on our Badge feature? Shoot me an email.


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao