Using Your Online Events to Build Your Brand

Extending Your BrandYour brand represents not only a customer’s recognition of your product or service but the feeling, impression and opinion you want your customer base to have about it. A brand isn’t built in a month, a year or once you develop your logo but is something that consistently must be nurtured and sustained. Online events, webcasts and video portals can be strong brand building tools.

Consistent Message
When you think of Volvo, you think safe and when you think of Southwest you think fun. It took those companies a long time to build those brands and they did it through consistent messaging.  An online event is another communication channel that directly connects you to your customers. Within your event, make sure that you are relaying the same messages that are on your website and within other communications. It’s also important to use the same tone of voice in event presentations that you use in other marketing materials.

Be Accessible
Take advantage of any opportunity you have to directly interact with your customers. Online events and webcasts allow for Q&A and chat throughout the experience and video portals can provide real time interaction. Answering customer’s questions quickly and honestly builds credibility and directly impacts your brand.

Honest; Go To Authority
Show customers that you are on the cutting edge of industry developments; bringing new ideas to the industry and solutions that are going to help them achieve their business goals. But part of being a leader is being transparent about both your strengths and capabilities.

Do you put your customers first, or do you put revenue first? People know when they’re just a dollar sign, and while they may still buy from you if they believe your product solves their challenge, this does not build long-term trust.  When they find a new solution, they’ll leave in the blink of an eye.

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