Video Broadcasts, The Dollhouse Effect

They say it’s about the simple things in life…

In this video, I will take you through some shockingly simple steps to avoid the dreaded ‘dollhouse effect’ – take your presentation to the next level, no more audience alienation!

One of the first things I notice when viewing a video broadcast is composition. And I must say, the world is filled with poorly composed shots.

As a child, I had a dollhouse. My sister and I spent hours on end arranging the furniture and acting out numerous dramas of everyday life. I can still picture her face peering in through the tiny windows into her little doll wonderland.

Many years passed…

I viewed a webcam delivered webcast. As soon as the broadcast started, a moment of nostalgia rushed over me. The video window filled with the presenter, peering at me as if looking down and into my childhood dollhouse!

It wasn’t the good warm nostalgia- it became unsettling.

I felt small. Doll-like. The speaker became an intimidating entity, speaking down to me, detached. I became distracted, I thought “What is this guy even saying?!’. I tuned out.

I then coined the term ‘dollhouse effect’ i.e.: the result of bad framing and composition!

Please watch the video for simple tips to transform your videos into content your viewers will love!