Video Marketing: Facebook and YouTube Live

Facebook and YouTube Live

After coming up with great content for a video, the next question is always how should I publish? With a wealth of video marketing options now, it’s important to select strategic channels that will reach your audience where they are already paying attention.

According to a recent Hubspot Consumer Behavior Survey, 45% of respondents watch an hour or more of video content on Facebook and YouTube a week. For marketers that have an audience tuned in on Facebook and YouTube, this is a powerful statistic. Consumers are paying the most attention to video due to its engaging and authentic qualities, and putting your content on a channel that your audience already freely checks is a double win.

Facebook revealed that users watch eight billion videos a day, and people comment 10x more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. YouTube also claims to have billions of views on any given day.

Before going live with your video on Facebook or YouTube, here are some helpful hints to keep in mind.

Build an organic audience – Utilize this opportunity for awareness and focus on the benefits of growing an organic audience. While you may not be able to target an exact list of names through an email blast, like you could a video webcast, you can put your brand in front of new people who might come back later for more.

Schedule your live event – On both Facebook and YouTube there is the option to schedule an event in advance. YouTube scheduling is more for the organizer’s benefit, but on Facebook once the event is scheduled a notification goes out to all page followers inviting them to attend. If a viewer sees the post on their feed or your page they can also select to receive a reminder of when you go live. It’s best to schedule your event no more than a week out so that it doesn’t get pushed too far down your page by other updates.

Improve your video quality – Going live on Facebook and YouTube doesn’t mean it has to be on your mobile phone. Although presenting on your mobile is great for accessibility, there are also options to encode your stream to high-quality cameras and microphones if you desire a more sophisticated broadcast.

Syndicate your content – Extend the reach of your content and multiple the ROI by syndicating one live stream to multiple channels. Through INXPO STUDIO you can broadcast to the platform and beyond to Facebook, YouTube and OTT devices. This lets your content be adaptable to the needs and viewing preferences of your audience, and further enhances your brands recognition.

To learn more about this enhancement to INXPO STUDIO, tune into our Fall 2017 Product Launch happening September 28 at 1pm CT. You can register to attend the broadcast here or check back on our Facebook, YouTube and Roku channel at the live time.