Ways to Monetize Your Webcasts


Whether you’re looking to drive revenue from sponsorship sales, or via paid registration/content models, there are proven best practices to follow when monetizing your webcasts. As webcasting experts, we are here to help you define your objectives, programs, and platform use to achieve the results you desire.  INXPO’s webcasting tool, XPOCAST, has numerous features that not only help business owners achieve their organizational objectives, but simultaneously creates an unparalleled experience for all-scale global audiences.

Branding and Panels

Webcast content is extremely important, but your audience experience is more crucial. This is where you can explore sponsorship opportunities and packages to offer clients, features to use, and develop the engagement strategy. What are some of the options?

  • Background imagery and branding images may be placed anywhere
  • Panel frames may be branded to fit the organization’s color guidelines
  • Design the available panels open to audience members when they first join the webcast
  • Use of social media buttons to drive external conversations and generate awareness
  • Call-to-action buttons to gather survey, profile, or schedule appointments with sales to create hyper-qualified leads
  • Handouts and documentation available within the webcast
  • Panel widgets for standard items like group chats, Q&A, links, surveys, and 3rd party embeddable content or programs
  • Deliver the experience to mobile users anywhere a connection is available to interact through group chats, Q&A, polling, and certification

These are small samples of the power of webcasting. Monetizing these elements relates to many items such as content demand, host brand appeal, levels of sponsorship (I.e. Gold, Silver, and Bronze). Remember, complexity in the webcast should be viewed as a premium package to deliver a unique experience for each client, and can be offered as a standalone option or as a content series or even a content track as part of a broader online event or environment.


Why would you want to poll your audience? You’re thinking it takes too much time to setup and people never participate, right? Wrong!

Polling should be a crucial part of your engagement strategy and offered as a premium for your top-tiered sponsorships. If polls can be a part of all webcasts, it is recommended. Metrics indicate that audiences remain in poll-ready webcasts 17-27% longer than those that are not poll-ready. Polling allows audiences to take part in the webcast and guide the conversation with the subject matter experts.

Perspective Tip: For a 1-hour webcast, 20% of time equals 12 minutes. What can happen with your prospects in 12 minutes? Anything is possible!! Maybe they hear something intriguing that leads to a follow-up or even better – a sale.

One poll per 10 minutes of presentation is a minimum best practice. It resets users’ attention spans and allows additional participation outside of the Group Chats or Q&A functions; it also shows who is attentive, adding to the insight delivered via reporting about your audience, your speakers, and the content being shared.

Pass the Microphone

How many times have you been to a presentation where the presenter was Ben-Stein-like in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”? It is boring! Do not put your audience to sleep or you will never get them back.

Break-up the action. Passing the microphone refers to both audio and video presentations. If using an audio presentation and computer microphones or video-based webcasts, passing the microphone is switching the source from one presenter or moderator to another.

Allow a moderator to kick-off the session or inject questions from the audience throughout the presentation. A combination of female and male presenters work well because humans crave variety and relate to others and the way messages are delivered differently. This is both a feature and a strategy you should be screaming to use.


PowerSlides offered in XPOCAST are what we call the options such as screen sharing, certification, links, images, YouTube integration, video slides, polling, survey slides, etc… Monetizing these elements is dependent on multiple business objectives, but nevertheless IS monetizable.

  • Audio w/ PowerPoint Slides Only
  • Audio w/ PowerPoint Slides, polling, and 1 YouTube video
  • Audio w/ PowerPoint Slides, screen sharing, and certification
  • Video w/ PowerPoint slides Only
  • Video w/ PowerPoint Slides, video slides, links, and certification

You get our point here. There are a variety of ways to slice the functionality to fit specific programs and monetizable objectives.

Exit Actions

So you’ve heard this fancy phrase, “Exit Actions”, have you?  Do you know what it means?

Exit actions are the actions that take place immediately following the close or ending of a webcast.  During the setup of the webcast, you can define the exit action.  You can select to send audiences to an external web address or link, survey, back to the Online Event, the next webcast, in-event areas when delivering content inside of a broader event wrapper, or practically any place hosted online.

This is an extremely important tool for click-through marketing.  Assuming users stay for the entire webcast, you can help them with the next phase in your engagement strategy.  ALWAYS keep the users moving forward in your programs!


In this article, we discussed INXPO’s webcasting solution XPOCAST: branding & panels, polling, pass the microphone, PowerSlides, and exit actions.  It is highly recommended you work with an account executive to develop the best engagement and monetization strategies for your webcasting workflow. Deploying any of the best practices does not guarantee results, but based on experience we’ve seen positive activities.

More About XPOCAST

XPOCAST is a powerful many-to- many engagement platform, which allows speakers to actively interact with the audience, while giving the audience a voice in the discussion.  Presentations can be delivered in a variety of ways and through a variety of sources: Live, Simulive (pre-recorded and launched as if Live with Q&A to follow),  On Demand, presenters on or off-camera via webcams, professional camera crews, captured video through mobile devices, from multiple locations around the globe, and so forth.  XPOCAST is flexible and can meet your delivery model with the capability to reach your audience and engage them on any device.

Backed by a robust metrics portal, XPOCAST turns audience activity into actionable intelligence; shortening sales cycles, providing guidance as to future programming, delivering insight as to the quality of your speakers and content, providing an understanding as to what devices they are viewing your content.  This gives leadership or sales team insight as to what documents were downloaded, or how polling questions were responded to.


Post contributed by Robin Klombers, VP of Sales