Ways to Use Video to Deliver Content and Fuel “Social” Engagement

If your website consists of static content like text and videos, you may be wondering how you can integrate video into your outreach efforts.  Video has the greatest impact when it is interactive, which is why webcasting is an ideal platform for sharing multimedia content with potential buyers, business associates and others.  Webcasting can also be used internally for conferencing, training and other purposes. 

Popular webcasting applications in business include:

Social Business TV

Engage a global audience on a regular basis with fresh video content.  Promote brand awareness and keep your audience up to date on product offerings, company news, thought leadership sessions, and more.  This is an excellent way to build long-term relationships with employees, customers, prospects, partners and others who take an interest in your business.  A webcast is a form of multimedia social marketing.  It can be even more effective than keeping your customers up to date on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, because it allows you to put a face on your company and personalize interactions.  Live events are engaging and fun for audience members to attend, allowing users to share content and your video presentation in real time. Here is an example of the type of “channels” you can promote through your own Social Business TV network.

 Social Business TV Portal



Let’s say you’re in charge of marketing for a video game developer. With a weekly social business TV broadcast, you can show off your team’s ongoing work on games which are under production, host Q&A with your dedicated fans, poll fans about features they’d like to see, and make it easy for your audience to share your stream on Facebook or Twitter.  Each week, you increase your audience and also build up serious hype for your next game!

Product launches and demonstrations

Informing your customers that you have a new product available can be challenging, even if you are already have a successful business. This is particularly true in high-tech fields, where customers may not understand a new product unless they have a chance to see it in operation.  With streaming video webcasts, you can give live presentations of your products; answer questions posed by audience members, and ask your customers for feedback and suggestions. Engagement is crucial in delivering high impact and memorable presentations and experiences.
Webcast Presentation within a Channel


You are a hardware developer working on a next-generation platform with unique capabilities. You could try to explain those capabilities all day long in text and with images, and succeed only at confusing your audience.  Imagine being able to demonstrate those capabilities with live streaming video while answering questions directly from your audience of potential buyers.  Not only will they understand the console’s cutting edge capabilities, but they’ll easily be able to envision how it could fit into their own lives.

Trade shows

You can use live streaming video and webcasting features to either attend a trade show online or host a virtual event of your own.  Many corporations save thousands of dollars doing it this way, and also reach a global audience in the process!


Virtual Event Welcome Page

Event Sponsor Spaces

Netwprking during Virtual Events


You spend most of your time on marketing efforts to drive people to your physical event and at the end of the day you think, what you can have done differently to reach a broader audience and increase my ROI. Virtual online events that compliment your physical events have shown to not only increase attendance and generate new revenue, but also increase attendance to your physical events the following year. With online events, the possibilities are endless.

Education and Training

Another way to use webcasting internally to raise the efficiency of your operations and expand employee knowledge is for education and training purposes.  Virtual workshops can be used for any number of knowledge sharing experiences, to include employee onboarding, benefits forums, professional development, or ongoing training to name a few.  These types of environments and programs are particularly useful for companies that have employees in various locations or even time zones, as a way to reach everyone at once with a consistent message.


Virtual Learning Workshop 


Imagine there’s a way to cost effectively eliminate inconsistent training of employees – whether locally, regionally, nationally or globally.  No longer would there be differing team performance or customer experiences from one location to another.  Virtually, you’re now able to impact revenues, reduce the problems that could cost your retail chain a fortune in revenue, and get new employees up to speed quickly.

These are just a few of the many uses of video for business.  Here at INXPO, we deliver solutions that meet all your internal and external online presentation broadcasting and online experiential event needs. From one-off webcasts to a global online platform that engages your audience 365 days a year; our award-winning technology helps companies improve their engagement and interaction with large diverse audiences including customers, employees, partners, and prospects.

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Post contributed by Adam Polaszewski