What Are Hybrid Events and Do They Cannibalize Attendance? [VIDEO]


At PCMA Convening Leaders and Virtual Edge Summit 2012 in San Diego, we filmed eight event and meeting experts for their insights on hybrid events. We’ll be unveiling the videos (here on our blog) in “chapter book” format.

Chapter 1: What is a hybrid event?

Jenise Fryatt (@JeniseFryatt), Co-Owner and Marketing Director at Icon Presentations(@IconPresentsAV) kicks us off with the basics: just what is a hybrid event? View Jenise’s video to get the scoop:

Chapter 2: Do Hybrid Events Cannibalize Physical Event Attendance?

Dana Freker Doody, VP Corporate Communications, The Expo Group (@theexpogroup), addresses the important question: if I create a hybrid event (i.e. add a digital extension to my face-to-face event), will it cannibalize attendance?

According to Dana, “Susan Katz of PCMA just announced that there are 112 people who are here, attending in San Diego because they experienced this show/conference last year, virtually.”

View Dana’s video to find out why the answer is a clear “no.”

Coming Up Next

The next two chapters will be posted next week:

Chapter 3: How do you market your hybrid event? (featuring Tony Lorenz of bXb Online).

Chapter 4: How do you incorporate social media into your hybrid event? (featuring Jessica Levin of Seven Degrees Communications)

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