What corporate can learn from industry associations – to improve their online learning

As a parent of school-age kids, I have been amazed at how much education has evolved – especially how much more technology is being integrated into learning. My earliest elementary school days began in the 70’s when teaching “technology” included transparencies and mimeographs. 

How times change! Now, students go online to get assignments and turn in their work. It is now commonplace for adult remote learners to log into live, virtual learning environments. Group discussions, whether in-person or online, are much more interactive. Learning today can happen wherever the learners are, not just when they all assemble in the same location.

Education is an especially important function for associations, and the better an organization can educate and inform its members, the more value it delivers for its membership. Deborah Sexton, president and CEO of the Professional Convention Management Association, points out that associations are changing how they provide education to better serve the needs of their members.

PCMA, she notes, is using smaller and more interactive approaches for learning.  On the technology front, she lists engagement tools, including video, to make the learning process more effective.

Many enterprise organizations are exploring how new online learning approaches and technologies can lower costs and more quickly improve workforce productivity.  One of the challenges of online, is that we must ensure we keep the learner engaged.  An audio webcast with an endless series of slides doesn’t work but unfortunately, that is often an organization’s first step into online learning.

Video webcasting with quizzes, feedback, and audience participation are a practical way to address education needs, whether for an association or an enterprise. Video offers a more personal way to communicate with and engage audiences. It also is a powerful means to convey stories, and stories are by nature more memorable than a lecture.

I’m obviously a big believer in the effectiveness of video to reach and engage audiences, but don’t just take my word for it. INXPO’s many clients are seeing great results from live online events powered by video. Check out how just a few of our clients are using our interactive technology to help their members, employees, customers and prospects.

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